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Civics and Citizenship:



Civics 101
Very consise rundown of the basic functions of American government at the federal and state levels. For more detail, look
here and here. U.S. citizenship quiz here.

Economics 101
Ultra-brief treatment of a few basic macro-economic concepts all citizens should know and understand. For more detail, look
here and here.
Legislation, Congressional Record, Glossary; get Info on Reps; see orignial U.S. Founding Documents; learn about Legislative Process. All things Congress!


Reps and Agencies

How to Contact Your Elected Officials
General info and links on how to contact all federal, state, and local governmental officials. Do a little simple research, store key numbers in your phone, call often.

PublicCitizen Primer
Basic article on writing/calling U.S. Senate and House representatives. Includes the tool-free Capitol Switchboard number: 877-762-8762.

Federal Communications Commission (FCC)
Media licenses are public trusts. Theoretically, the FCC works to ensure our mass media functions in the best interest of the pubic as a whole. Make your voice heard!


News and Commentary

Centrist major media outlet.

Huffington Post
Left-leaning news aggregation site.

Right-leaning news aggregation site.

Centrist news aggregation site.

Real Clear Politics
Center-right news aggregation site.

Jonathan Turley
Libertarian commentator.

Left-leaning news and opinion site.

National Review
Right-leaning news and opinion site.

The Hill
Centrist news and opinion site.


Fact Checkers

By Tampa Bay Times, winner of the Pulitzer. Ratings, graphs, explanations make assessing veracity of various public figures easy. My favorite section:
Pants on Fire.

Anonymous online posting ushered in the age of trolling and questionable "alternative facts." Snope was the first to debunk urban legends, email forwards.
Award-winning project of the Annenberg Public Policy center at UOP. Winner of four Webbies. Time called "one of the 25 sites we can't live without."

Washington Post Fact Checker Blog
"Pinocchio-themed" fact checking effort by pioneering fact checker and WaPo journalist Glenn Kessler.



Nate Silver's famed statistical analysis site. Data-based articles on current issues in sports, politics, sclence and health, economics, culture. Polls here.

RCP: Polls
The polls section of Real Clear Politics is often cited in political discussion, debate. Use the drop-down menu under "Polls" in the upper-left corner under the banner.

HuffPost Pollster
Huffington Post articles highlighting current polling results and trends. Yet another poll aggregator, yet another site to check during election season! Graphs

Betting markets take polls one step farther: only opinions of those willing to put $ on the line are counted. Gives new meaning to the phrase "Money in Politics."



Dedicated to protecting Constitutional and legal rights, the American Civil Liberties Union was formed in 1920 and made famous during the 1925 Scopes Trial.

Common Cause
Non-partisan government reform/accountability, equal opportunity, public interest watchdog organization founded by Republican John Gardner in 1970.

Public Citizen
Consumer rights group originated by Ralph Nader in 1971. PC "Lobbyists for the People" work to counter the unfair political advantage of big $ corporations.



Save The Internet
Democracy can't exist without a
free press. Today, the 4th Estate is digital, more accessible to ordinary voices than ever. But will the internet remain free/neutral?

Climate Change
The greatest moral challenge of the 21st century. Will we think only of ourselves? Or also of future generations, viability of life on Earth, and our own human legacy?

$$ in Politics
The powerfully corrupting influence of money in American politics is widespread and well documented. It doesn't need to be this way. Money is money, not speech!

Human Rights
Are all souls equal? Do certain rights acrue to people simply because of their basic humanity? If so, ignorance of these rights is an egregious denial of human nature.

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