Outline of Games
Excellent place to start informal game research. Categorized links will send you in all kinds of odd directions (e.g. Pub Games, Devil Among the Tailors, Skittles).

History of Games
Short treatment of game history from the dawn of the earliest human civilizations to the current day of ultra-HD video.

History of Video Games
Detailed Wiki-look at video games since their inception in the mid-20th century. Walk down memory lane and find old favorites.

Selection of entertaining learning games for very young children. Created and curated by PBS. Parents can trust the content and set kids loose.

Reality is Broken: Why Games Make Us Better ...
Jane McGonigal's thesis: Far from being a waste of time, playing thoughtfully developed games can make people better and bring out the best in humanity.


The Kids' Book of Chess and Chess Set
A great way to get young children started with chess. Includes a chess set and excellent guide written like a storybook (covers history of chess, as well).

Chess for Children: How to Play the World's Most Popular Board Game
Introduction to the rules of chess. Bright kids can teach themselves the game with this book, and rusty adults can quickly review basics.

Chess Tactics for Kids
For kids (or adults) who already know how to play, but want to step up their game with clear presentations of 50 elementary chess gambits.

Bobby Fischer Teaches Chess
An old-school book from an old-school champion. Programmed learning takes average players to the next level. Focused on the end game.

Complete Chess Course: From Beginning to Winning Chess
"The most comprehensive book on chess ever published.” A Reinfeld classic for serious beginners moving to intermediate level. Written in descriptive notation.

Heavy Tournament Triple Weighted Chess Set Combo
Regulation Staunton chess set with roll-flat vinyl board (black, blue, red, or green), matching carry-all bag (with space for clock), and felt-bottomed pieces (and extra queens).


Game Theory 101
This site provides a friendly introduction to Game Theory principles, concepts, examples, and applications.

Wikipedia Info on Game Theory
General article outlining the history and basic principles of Game Theory. Info on mathematical games here and here. List of games studied in game theory here.

Game Theory Through Examples
MAA textbook in pdf format covers the gamut of basic Game Theory topics with lots of illustrative examples.

Open Yale Courses – Econ 159: Game Theory
For those wishing to take a deep dive into the subject, Yale University provides a totally free online course (including instructional videos and all materials).