World Health Organization (WHO)
The world's premier public health organization. Up-to-the-minute information on health events, news, data, indicators, topics, country profiles, and more.

Dr. Kenneth Cooper's groundbreaking book which popularized running in America the late 1960's and brought "jogging" into the national lexicon.

Jack LaLanne
The "Godfather of Fitness" was famous for healthy living, positivity, and amazing stunts like swimming the Golden Gate while towing a half-ton boat at age 61.

CBT: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
Originating in the 1930s and refined by Ellis, Beck, Burns, and others, CBT is a proven way to think straight, change your mind, feel better, and achieve your goals.

Three Minute Therapy
Dr. Michael Edelstein's introduction to Ellis's REBT (a CBT forerunner). Simple, highly effective written exercise to reform habits of irrational "musty" thinking.

It's a warning that the ship is off course. When rewards fail to compensate effort, exhaustion can set in. Recognize the signs of burnout, and know what to do.

Coloring Mandalas for Meditation
Who didn't love coloring books as a child? This inventive coloring book for adults relieves stress, comforts the psyche, and restores mindful calm. Other similar books here.

National Alliance on Mental Illness
NAMI blesses that great number who live daily with mental/emotional illness. Groups allow those in need to meet with those who've been there. Most helpful resource. Entirely free.