Cool Stuff

Wikipedia History Portal
History section of the world's largest encyclopedia. Excellent starting point for general info on almost any topic, with linked citations to helpful sources and sites.

Battlefield Britain
Historians and game designers collaborate to bring famous British battles to life. BBC TV show offers historical context, cogent commentary. See also Decisive Battles.

The 1914 Christmas Truce
Imagine bitter enemies in the Great War ceasing hostilities for several days to celebrate Christmas together in no-man’s land. Fascinating, inspiring true story.

Outline of United States History
Timeline of U.S. history from the 6th century in what would later be called America to the founding of the nation to modern times and the present day.

Timelines of World History
Comprehensive timelines from the Big Bang to the present, including Life and Human Evolution timelines. Covers pre-history through the modern era.

Doing History

History Study Guides
Set of articles by Carleton College professors to assist undergrads doing work in history. Other helpful guides by faculty of UCLA, Hamilton, Bowdoin, Rutgers.