Brain Quest Series
Fun pre-k-through 7th books, workbooks, trivia games reinforce general knowledge. Great for road trips, home learning supplementation.

Core Knowledge Series by E. D. Hirsch
E. D. Hirsch's series provides a knowledge-based blueprint of essential cultural literacy, grades preK-8. See: Core Knowledge site, about, approach, curriculum.

Workman Publishing's Everything You Need Series
Five volumes covering middle school English, Math, Science, World History, and American History. Great for student self-study or parents needing quick review.

DK's Big Idea Series
"Big ideas explained simply." In DK's inimitable style, books in this series introduce broad fields of academic study in easily digestible ways to young and old alike.

High School Credit

Stanford Online High School
Selective, worldwide learning community at Stanford University for intellectually strong, highly motivated students in grades 7-12. Most teachers hold PhD's.

BYU Independent Study: University and High School Courses
Accredited university courses and U.C. approved high school courses taken and completed entirely online. Excellent quality. A goto resource for years and years.

U.C. Scout
"Scout from University of California delivers A-G approved, online classes and curriculum to students around the globe." Course catalog here.

Take College Classes While in High School
It can be a wonderful opportunity to stretch intellectual boundaries, boost college applications, fulfill requirements, save money, and investigate prospective majors.

College Credit, Degrees, Certificates

Online Degrees
Many schools now offer their best programs online. Fully-accredited distance learning enables resourceful students to get the same degree for much less money.

Offering courses, certificates and undergrad/grad degrees, MOOC providers like Coursera and EdX provide legitimate alternative paths to a high quality higher education.


Make Learning a Cherished Family Value
It’s up to parents of young children to decide which values they wish to pass on. My strong recommendation is to establish learning as a basic family value.

Top K-12 general learning site. Detailed standards, diagnostics, outstanding learning content. Don’t like California standards? Try the Singapore Edition!

The Well-Trained Mind: A Guide to Classical Education at Home (4th Edition)
Goto reference for parents looking to supplement their child’s learning in line with three stages of a classical education: grammar, logic, rhetoric. Resources galore.
Thousands of top-notch online courses covering everything from coding to IT skills, project management, design, business, photography, and more.