7 Self Improvement Actions All Leaders Must Take
Former Navy SEAL Brent Gleeson points his finger at key leadership basics. See also his highly acclaimed:
Embrace the Suck: The Navy SEAL Way to an Extraordinary Life.

Not Leadership Material? Good!
Critical examination of the glorification of "Type-A" traits, and redefinition of leadership as "excellence, passion, and a desire to contribute beyond the self."

Things to Keep Private (Become a True Stoic)
Not every truth must be told. In this age of over-sharing, it's easy to ignore common-sense and give away the farm. Divulging too much can be a
huge mistake. Be forewarned.

Meditations: Marcus Aurelius
Philosopher-emperor Marcus Aurelius delineates fundamental, rational, reality-based Stoic doctrines in this classic text. Written 2,000 years ago, its message is just as relevant today.

Alan Watts: The Nature of God
Taking the long view allows us to have perspective and puts events and emotions in their proper place. The only difference between Good and God is … one little zero. ;-)

Emotional Gym (Orion Taraban)
A former colleague of mine, psychologist Orion Taraban relates a live-saving lesson: upsets are involuntary trips to the emotional gym. No pain, no gain. Time to work out!

Pioneering non-profit outdoor skills and leadership school. The purpose of NOLS is "to help you step forward boldly as a leader.”

Anthony Robbins
Father of the life coaching industry. With a unique insight into human nature and behavior, Tony has taught millions to live fuller lives since the early 1980s.

Summer Search
Selective leadership program for high-performing low-income students. Free summer abroad experiences, college counseling, mentoring, and more.