Justice: What's The Right Thing To Do?
Michael Sandel is a life-changing Harvard professor of professors. His renowned online philosophy course is an incomparable educational diamond.

Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy
Repository of information about famous names and great ideas in philosophy (a "scholarly dynamic reference work" regularly updated by experts).

ThoughtCo: Philosophy
Wonderful place to nurture a budding interest in the search for answers to life's great philosophical questions.

The Golden Rule
The basis of all true ethics. A common thread uniting religions and philosophies throughout history and across civilizations. Click here for an illustrative poster.

The Athenian who started it all. His experiential, question-based approach to the discovery of truth has guided and informed free thought and education ever since.

Buckminster Fuller
One of the 21st century's most gifted philosophers/scientists/inventors. An early advocate of systems theory and sustainable design, Bucky was ahead of his time.

Alan Watts
British expat iconoclast, lone-wolf philosopher, Sausalito houseboat dweller. His books helped ignite Western interest in Eastern Philosophy in the 1960's-70's.

Werner Erhard
est founder and creator of The Hunger Project. Human Potential Movement leader credited with "bringing enlightenment to the West" in the early 1970s.