Model Rockets

Amateur Rocketry
Wikipedia article on the hobby of amateur rocketry, its history, and popularization in 1960's America following the launch of Sputnik.

National Association of Rocketry
"The oldest and largest sport rocketry organization in the world," with more than 100,000 members since its inception in 1957.

Estes Rockets
Major manufacturer of model rocketry kits, engines, and supplies. I spent many dreamy boyhood afternoons with my nose stuck in an Estes catalog.

RC Planes and Gliders

RC Airplane World
GoTo site for information on the hobby of flying remote controlled airplanes, gliders, drones, and such.

Beginner's Guide to Remote Controlled Gliders
Excellent short article covers basics on how to get started in the hobby of flying RC Sailplanes" (i.e. Gliders).

RC Gliding near Mt Tamalpais State Park
YouTube video of an RC glider pilot flying his sailplane on updrafts near 4-Corners on Mt. Tam. Info on hang gliding in Marin is provided here.
Magazine, blog, classifieds, forums and more covering the broad category of RC hobbies (aircraft, boats, cars, etc.).

Paper Planes

Paper Airplanes
Probably the most common type of aircraft on earth! Certainly one of the most fun. Exploratorium article here.

The Best Paper Airplane
As the world record for time aloft nears 30 seconds, best designs continue to evolve. Check out another contender here.

Folding Templates
Just want to learn to make and fly some incredible new paper plane designs? Click the link above for printable folding templates and instructions.


Comprehensive Wikipedia article covering the phenomenon of human flight. For current developments in fields related to aeronautics, check out NASA and AIAA.

Smithsonian: National Air and Space Museum
One of the wonders of the Smithsonian. Personal visits are awe-inspiring. Incredible collections and objects on display: 1903 Wright Flyer, X-15, Gemini IV, and more!

How Things Fly
Great introduction to flight science by the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum. Click here to learn the relevant math.

Smithsonian: Air and Space Magazine
Another typically awesome offering of the Smithsonian, this wide-ranging online magazine delves into all aspects of man-powered flight.

Teen Sends Camera Into Space
Here's a "Non-Teenage Activity" for you! British student Adam Cudworth sends a specially programmed camera into near-space. GoPro version of the activity here.