General Info

Wikipedia: SAT
Wiki article covering the SAT, relevant facts and statistics, its long history, current incarnation, and various controversies.

Official College Board dSAT Site
Hub for official dSAT info and activity. Create/access your College Board account. Be sure to confirm your contact info. Enter the Student Portal and Help Center. Contact the College Board.

Everything You Need to Know About the dSAT
official dSAT specifications, watch a short Google Slides intro to the test app, peruse comprehensive test guides here, here, and here, and take a Look Inside the Digital SAT,

How the dSAT Is Structured
College Board test structure outline. Official
math overview, reading/writing overview, test content. Article here includes specific topics/skills tested. More topics articles here and here.

Device Requirements
Restrictions apply. Prohibited devices listed
here. Calculator policies disclosed here. The widely-used Desmos graphing calculator is provided free as part of the dSAT testing app.

dSAT Accommodations
Students with documented special needs are given accommodations on the digital SAT. See dSAT
Accommodations Guide for complete info. See also: Registering with Accommodations.

Signing up for the dSAT isn"t straightforward.
Registration Quick Guide lists photo requirements and things you'll need before registering. Fee Waivers are available for low-income families.

What to Expect on Test Day
Stress can come to a head on test day. It's useful to have a
test day checklist and essential to know what to bring. College Board's ID requirements are strict. And you can bring a mouse!

Proctor Duties
Problematic proctors can ruin test-taking experiences for students. Linked above is a list of 2024 College Board requirements for proctors. See also:
2024 Proctor Manual.

dSAT Scores
For added security, each student takes a different dSAT test, which is then scored individually using an arcane College Board algorithm. More info

College Board Prep and Practice

Official dSAT Practice
College Board dSAT practice start page. See:
Using Official dSAT Practice, Digital SAT Practice and Preparation, and Skills Insight Tool. Manage your practice work here.

Download. FAQ. 6 official digital tests: 2 dSATs, 4 dPSATs. Retake tests with canned answers to access second modules. Good for "dress rehearsals." They're all you've got. Don't waste them!

Linear Non-Adaptive dSATS
Four official tests in paper/pencil "linear" form. Sadly, much of the content overlaps with that of the corresponding BlueBook tests. Don't sacrifice the precious BlueBook tests – take them first.

dPSAT Practice Test 1
College Board official digital dPSAT Test #1, along with "Answers and Explanations" and a "Scoring Tool." dPSAT tests can also be useful for initial dSAT work.

dPSAT 8/9 Practice Test 1
College Board official digital dPSAT 8/9 Test #1, along with "Answers and Explanations" and a "Scoring Tool." dPSAT tests can also be useful for initial dSAT work.

33 Original College Board dSAT Sample Questions
These SAT questions hail from the dSAT's developmental stage. Released as samples of what could be expected, these additional official questions are still valuable and useful today.

Educator Question Bank
Official repository of College Board practice test questions organized by topic. Unfortunately, here too there's overlap with Bluebook tests and Khan Academy dSAT practice materials.

55 Official SAT PDFs & 96 Official ACT PDFs
Complete list of old-form test available online in pdf format (some require a Google search). Though these tests quite old, they're still official tests useful for practice and skill building.

Khan Academy Prep and Practice

Moving from Official dSAT Practice to dSAT Prep on Khan Academy
Make best use of officially authorized free Khan Academy dSAT skill-building resources together with College Board adaptive digital SAT practice tests to get ready for the dSAT.

How to Get the Most Out Of Khan Academy dSAT Prep
Sal Khan's Khan Academy is a miracle of the information age. Main dSAT site here. Find Khan dSAT math and reading/writing prep courses here and here and course advice here and here.

Other Options

Official provider of no-cost dSAT instruction. Online
offerings support standard high school math curricula and include dSAT instruction and free bootcamps. More bootcamp info here.

Commercial dSAT Prep
Blog post listing several popular commercial dSAT prep solutions. Chosen to help whittle down the vast universe of online providers, these are my personal picks.

Mock dSAT Practice Tests
With only four official digital SAT practice tests available to date, students and coaches must look everywhere for good mock practice tests. Listed are a number of current options to check out.


The Official Digital SAT Study Guide
Bible of SAT test prep. Includes the four official "linear" dSAT tests available online plus 192 unique dSAT questions (equivalent to nearly two additional official practice tests).

Princeton Review Digital SAT Premium Prep
From the early 1980s, Princeton Review SAT guides have been some of the most useful and popular. This new version covers all aspects of the digital SAT format and content.

Digital SAT Total Prep
Kaplan publications traditionally earned second place among off-the-shelf SAT offerings (behind Princeton Review guides) as good complements to the PR books. Kaplan dPSAT book

The Ultimate Guide to SAT Grammar
Meltzer books are the best available to help students prepare for verbal sections of the dSAT and ACT. Nothing else comes close. The book linked above covers grammar for the digital SAT.

The Complete Guide to SAT Reading
Companion book to Meltzer's well known grammar book. Covers the dSAT reading questions, which differ markedly from those featured in earlier versions of the SAT.

Princeton Review PSAT/NMSQT Prep
dPSAT version of the Princeton Review's dSAT book. The PSAT has always differed slightly from its older brother (the SAT) – enough so that a dedicated study guide can be quite useful.

CliffsNotes Math Review for Standardized Tests
It's difficult to find good math test prep books. This one's an excellent general math review guide. Anyone applying to college should know this material. Test taking strategy tips, as well.


Brian McElroy
Site by test prep super tutor Brian McElroy. See Elroy’s articles:
How to Study and Prepare for the Digital SAT, Master the dSAT, and Required Math Formulas and Concepts for the dSAT.

SAT Quantum
Premier SAT and ACT math video site by my esteemed colleague Mahendra Dabral. Sign up for Dabral's reasonably priced, superb
video explanations for all official online dSAT math materials.

The Critical Reader
Noted test prep author and super tutor Erica Meltzer focuses on verbal sections of standardized tests. Meltzer is a verbal test master. See her free guides
here. Read her blog here.

PrepScholar Blog
Wide-ranging dSAT resource by prep company
PrepScholar. Articles on all facets of popular standardized tests, including the dSAT. Reliable opinions and information.

College Confidential: Test Preparation Forum
One of the most useful online resources for inside information on the dSAT and ACT. Should be one of your first stops when conducting research on best test prep practices.

Reddit forum dedicated to all things dSAT. Numerous threads examine various aspects of the test and student-recommended preparation strategies.

Kaplan Digital SAT Study Guide
Concise dSAT resource by old-school provider
Kaplan Test Prep (the original test prep firm, founded by Stanley Kaplan in 1938). A pithy, brief, bare-bones study guide.