The Smithsonian Institution
Founded in 1846, now comprising 19 museums and the National Zoo, the Smithsonian is the largest museum/education/research complex in the world.

SF's famous hands-on science education museum and "public learning laboratory." Visitors experience wonders of science through direct interaction with incredible exhibits.

Exploratorium: The Tinkering Studio
Collaborative space in which artists, educators, scientists, museum goers, and creative muses can join forces for the sake of making something cool out of science.

New Scientist: The Collection
Thematic quarterly publication of the New Scientist. Each superb issue features articles digging deep into “the current state of science in various disciplines.”

Cosmic Eye
Epic video journey from the realm of the everyday to macrocosm, microcosm, and back, through the magic of logarithmic zooming. See also: Orders of Magnitude.

Everything and Nothing
Fascinating BBC documentary presented by professor Jim Al-Khalili blending physics, philosophy, and history into a far-ranging yet digestible feast for the mind.

Planet Earth
Words fail. Epic BBC documentary series by the venerable Sir David Attenborough. An homage to the Blue Planet and its many living miracles. Planet Earth II here.

PBS Space Time
Fascinating series of short episodes exploring delicious, odd topics in theoretical physics that bends brains and blows minds. Hosted by engaging explainer Dr. Matt O'Dowd.


Must-Have Ingredients for a Successful Invention provides insight into factors involved in successful inventing. Article here contains Ideas and advice on taking a newly invented product to market.

How to Make Money From Your Invention
WikiHow further breaks down the main steps involved in turning your great idea into a successful product.

From Invention to Patent
Comprehensive reading list of detailed articles by ipwatchdog covers the entire process of invention from conception to patent.


Why the Maker Movement Matters
James Fallows of The Atlantic introduces the Maker Movement and the reasons it could catalyze surplus creativity to become a new engine of the world economy.

"Making is a meaningful form of personal expression that fosters creativity, builds community, and encourages the collaborative practice of innovation." Read Make!

Maker Faire
Billed as the “Greatest Show and Tell on Earth,” Maker Faire is a playful "festival of invention, creativity, and resourcefulness – a celebration of the Maker Movement."

Maker Camp
Online and traditional summer camps "for kids over eight interested in hacking, technology, DIY projects, crafting, learning." Make Mag article provides details.