Freelancers Union
A national organization dedicated to advancing the interests of the self-employed. Excellent blog on conducting successful private practice businesses.

Test Prep & Tutoring Professionals
News, networking, resources, and enterprise solutions site for private practice test coaches and college consultants. Timely info on test prep and related subjects.

Marin Educators in Private Practice
Local association of professional and part-time tutors, college counselors, and other private practice educators in and around Marin County, California.

AET: Association of Educational Therapists
National association of educational therapists. AET establishes standards for the professional practice of educational therapy, conducts annual conferences, etc.

NCTM: National Council of Teachers of Mathematics
The world's largest math education organization. NCTM was founded in 1920, and now boasts hundreds of affiliates in the U.S. and Canada.

HECA: Higher Education Consultants Association
Premier professional organization for college admission counselors. Provides members with opportunities to grow as private consultants and business people.

NACAC: National Association for College Admission Consulting
Founded in 1937, NACAC pioneered the field of college admissions counseling. Now with 15,000 members in state, regional, and international affiliates.

Apps and Sites

Amazing smartphone scanning app that’s indispensable in running a small business. Instantly scan and email receipts, notes, reports, contracts, etc.

A simple online tool for resizing photos (also crops, adds effects, does bulk resizing, etc.). Good alternative here.

Adobe Photoshop Elements
Quick and easy photo editor for handling the simple needs. Not as powerful as photoshop, but adequate for most users, far less expensive, and way more user-friendly.

Free photo editing app with advanced capabilities. A myriad of features. Plenty of prosumer power. Why pay annual tribute to Adobe for Photoshop?


Awesome general online design and print shop. Helpful section on creating business cards. Check out full range of Moo products here.

The Innovator's Mindset
Makes an urgent case for innovation in teaching and inspires educators to be more passionate, creative, inventive, and effective. The mantra: read, apply, ponder, repeat.

Five Rules for Marketing a Private Educational Practice
Sage advice for marketing private practice educational businesses: "Identify precisely what you're good at; find people that care about that; show them how good you are."

Course Authoring Software
Capterra listing of best-reviewed software platforms for authoring and offering courses to the world. Feeling ambitious? Try Open edX.