The Sartorialist
Fashion photo-blogging pioneer Scott Schuman's famous collection of impromptu pics of street fashion from all over the world. Also features industry news, shows, etc.

The awesomeness of human imagination on clear display in Steampunk, where fashion meets science meets imagination meets Jules Verne.

The Story of Stuff
A 20-minute movie turned into a movement to waste less, want less, use less. It's about better, not more. Honestly – don't most of us have way too much stuff?

A great all-around early learning site: geography, flags, world leaders (current and past), art, and math (including basic fact quizzes and worksheets).

The Webby Awards
The International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences honor "the best of the internet" with their annual Webby Awards. Great way to find unknown online gems.

Lifelong learning is the theme, with wide-ranging, thought-provoking, useful content in a variety of categories: math and science, humanities, art, music, etc.

Poor Richard’s Almanac
Ben Franklin was a genius, and his almanac proves it. Browse through 25 years of pithy 18th century Franklinisms. You’ll be awed and inspired by this founding father's wisdom.

Digital Bodleian
An effort to open portions of the prodigious collections of Oxford University's Bodleian Library for learning, teaching, and research. You could spend hours ...

Art of Manliness
Blog devoted to preserving the virtue of masculinity, lest it become a lost art amid the cultural flux. Lots of cool, edifying, educational posts. Like this one.

Helpful site that ranks schools and communities over a variety of categories through careful statistical analysis of governmental data and user reviews.

Classic Games for Ti-83+ and Ti-84+
Download great old-school games for Ti graphing calculators: Mario, PacMan, Tetris, Fruit Ninja, Gemini, Phantom Star, Mine Sweeper, Connect Four, Asteroids, lots of others.

Google Easter Eggs
Google engineers are a hilarious bunch, hiding weird and wonderful surprises within the Google Search field for those who know the secret code. Find selected eggs here.

Wolfram Alpha
Stephen Wolfram's groundbreaking computational knowledge engine. Random question: "How many goats in Japan in 1986?" Alpha knows the answer (~47,500).

Game of Life
Conway's 1970 coding creation mimicking life's basic processes in an utterly simple yet strikingly lifelike way. Create life and play God! Download: Golly. FAQ here.

Formerly "Courses in business, tech, and creative skills taught by industry experts." Self-study utopia. Lots to keep the curious and ambitious learning for a lifetime.

Google Apps
Why pay? Use free: Calendar, Chrome, Classroom, Contacts, Docs, Drive, Fonts, Forms, Gmail, Keep, Photos, Scholar, Sheets, Slides, Translate, and much more.

Free Rice
Learn everything from basic arithmetic to famous paintings, world geography, anatomy, English grammar, and vocabulary (upper levels are viciously hard).

The Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle (2018)
Classic Cold-War era Rocky and Bullwinkle meets Johnny English meets out-of-the-fjordinary modern retro-animation. Education connection? Wossamotta U.

Great site for intriguing reading material and excellent writing on a plethora of hot topics of current interest.

"A free online compendium of sourced quotations from notable people and creative works in every language ..." Read the thoughts of your heroes. A Mecca for quote junkies.

Astronaut Chris Hadfield’s cover of Space Oddity
Life imitating art. Produced in Earth orbit, this astronaut's cover of young David Bowie's 1969 sci-fi hit record rivals the original at times. Plus awesome visuals!