Wikipedia: ACT (test)
Wiki article covering the ACT, relevant facts and statistics, the test's current incarnation, and its history. and ACT for Students
Official information on test content, structure, scoring, test dates, preparation, accommodations, policies, and more.

ACT Structure and Content
PrepScholar article detailing time limits, numbers/types of questions, content covered in each section of the ACT. For official info (and a practice test) see: Preparing for the ACT.

ACT Scoring
Short StudyPoint article detailing all ACT metrics: subject test, composite, ELA, and STEM scores. Further explanation here.

ACT Percentile Ranks
2023 national ACT percentile ranks. Percentile scores are what actually count on any standardized test. For comparison, see 2017-2018 ACT percentiles here.


Official ACT Sample Questions
Sample questions online (comprising one full-length official ACT) introduce new test takers to each section of the ACT: English, Math, Reading, Science, Essay.

The Official ACT Prep Guide
ACT's official guide to the test. The only book containing real ACTs for practice. Six full-length tests on paper plus two more online, with explanations for each answer.

Download Official ACT Tests
Dozens of download links to official ACT tests in pdf format, continually updated. Find five officially released ACTs here.

Tutor Ted’s Guide to the ACT
Tutor Ted's guide covering all ACT sections plus tips, strategies, wit, sage advice. An old book, but still one of the best comprehensive ACT guides.

ACT in Just 7 Steps
Another oldie but goodie, from Patel and Filsinger. Excellent basic advice on how to maximize performance on the ACT.

Quantum ACT Prep
Videos showing analytic solutions (just math, no strategy) to every math question on each recent SAT. Mahendra Dabral's lucid instruction and concise explanations are superb.

The Complete Guide to ACT English
Erica Meltzer's famous grammar workbook offering instruction and practice with the limited subset of English grammar rules tested on the ACT.

The Complete Guide to ACT Reading
Meltzer's comprehensive guide to the ACT reading section. The book covers general approach, tips, and useful strategies.