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Respected online coding and compsci courses, certificates, and degrees from elite schools offer alternative paths to employment and advancement in the tech sector.

Best Coding Bootcamps of 2023 (Forbes)
A degree in Comp Sci isn't the only way to become a software engineer. Bootcamps offer an alternate route. Not all that expensive – when compared to the cost of a college degree.


Code: The Hidden Language of Computer Hardware and Software
Not another book on how to code. This book is about code, what it is, and how it functions inside your devices to work technological miracles we take for granted.

The Self-Taught Programmer
All programmers are self-taught to a degree. Becoming a pro coder necessitates learning how to learn (languages, libraries, methods) by trial/error and imitation.
Providing leading computer science curriculum to school districts all over the U.S. and individuals throughout the world. hosts the annual Hour of Code.

Kahn Academy
Fundamentals of computer science and programming courtesy of super-duper-tutor Salman Khan. JavaScript tutorial here.

Online coding course portal. Self-paced introductions and intensive programs in everything from the basics of JavaScript to Data Visualization with Python.

Learn Code the Hard Way
Graduated courses/books covering Python, Ruby, C, SQL, JavaScript turn rank novices into competent programmers "the hard way." DIY alternative to bootcamps.

Scripting language that enables automatic control of processes involving Mac computer apps. Descendant of the seminal HyperCard.

Great multi-purpose first language. Python handles diverse coding challenges with ease while natural language syntax simplifies learning. More here, here, here.

Designed at MIT for kids, Block Coding in Scratch is an excellent way to learn and practice basic algorithmic thinking skills essential in programming. More here.


Please Don't Learn to Code
The coding movement has detractors. Tech Crunch article makes the point that learning to code isn't be some kind of one-size-fits-all magic personal finance pill.

Learn to code for free using this project-based resource. Courses and certification in web design, algorithms, data visualization, coding interviews, more.