Standardized testing is an inescapable fact of academic life.

Unfortunately, many students receive low scores simply because they lack the necessary test-taking acumen, preparation tools, practice regimens, and effective instruction required to optimize scores on tests like the SAT and ACT.

Nowhere is this more evident than on the math sections of such tests.

Mathematical skill is the best predictor of success on any math test, and many tutors use a content-based approach in an attempt to quickly raise math scores on standardized tests.

But this is a fool’s errand.

The only way to markedly improve base math skills is through hundred of hours of dedicated effort in the classroom and at the homework desk, and attempting to raise SAT and ACT scores through intensive math tutoring only makes sense only as a long term project.

Tutoring is expensive, however, and for most families such an approach is cost-prohibitive.

In any case, a carefully-crafted, multi-faceted approach is almost always the best way to hike math scores, and generally produces better results in a fraction of the time.

Math for standardized tests is my area of expertise. Following are the ingredients in my "secret sauce."

Naturally, math is math. Inevitably, it's necessary to spend some time covering mathematical concepts and techniques. In my work, however, this is kept to a minimum in favor of more immediately useful and effective elements of test prep.

Artful tactics are vital on important standardized tests. Simple yet powerful math strategies enable students to quickly pick correct answers without employing difficult or time-consuming analytical techniques test makers expect to be used. Teaching students to learn and apply the most effective standardized test math strategies is one of the pillars of my method.

A story is told of a man who was lost in downtown Manhattan, late for a concert. He stopped to ask a stranger for directions. The stranger happened to be a famous violinist. The man asked, “How can I get to Carnegie Hall?” The maestro answered, “Practice, practice, practice!”

A great deal of consistent, smartly-focused practice is key to mastering math sections of standardized tests, and copious practice with “mini-tests” and full math sections using official materials forms the third pillar of my approach to bettering scores.

Every mistake is an opportunity to improve performance – but only if errors aren’t repeated!

Students of mine use proprietary error analysis and tracking tools to identify and monitor the most serious and persistent mistakes they make, and record the best ways to avoid these score-crushing errors. By focusing awareness and attention on precisely what’s going wrong, and how best to fix it, students are quickly able to reduce unnecessary errors and substantially raise their scores.

Maximal energy is crucial for maximal success.

Maintaining a sharp, highly-intentional focus throughout the test is key. Test taking is a competitive activity, and as in athletics or the performing arts, lagging attention and lackluster commitment won’t cut it. Mindfully intense concentration and deliberate, energetic focus light-up the brain like a Christmas tree, allowing students to move more quickly and cleverly, think more creatively and productively, and make the most of what they already know. Without this, almost nothing else matters.

It's been my great honor and pleasure to have helped students boost their performance on standardized math tests for more than 45 years (since 1978). There’s so much students can do to dramatically increase their scores!

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